by Tara

Wondercon Anaheim 2015

Wondercon has now come and gone. Tickets sold out. Even if there were tickets still available you couldn't just walk up and buy a ticket. First off, one of us was nursing an injury which made it hard to walk or stand too long thus the lack of coverage. Getting injured a couple days before traveling to cover Wondercon was not fun. Was definitely hoping to have healed before the show.

Upon arriving and making our way to pick up our press badges, we noticed the huge line which extended from the convention center that all the attendees were waiting in to pick up their badges or get inside to wait for the exhibit hall to open. If you had purchased a 3-day Badge, you were able to pick it up on Thursday.

There were lots of exhibitors but still smaller than SDCC since the exhibit hall still had lots of space that wasn't used. There weren't too many spectacular looking booths at Wondercon with the exception of a few. The majority of the big exhibitors will bring out the big guns for SDCC. Wondercon is a great venue for comic book companies, independent publishers, artists etc... that usually get forgotten or passed up at SDCC.

Wondercon was still a great event to attend as it's not as daunting to get into panels like at SDCC where you have to line up the night before to get into a panel. Wondercon grows every year and with that it's always a good thing. 

As you all know, Wondercon announced that next year they will be moving the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Still hoping they would move back to Northern California where they started but there's still hope for 2017 as long as they don't any multi-year deals yet.

See you next year Wondercon in Los Angeles! Check out our slideshow above!

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