Deadpool's Dream Suite & Deadpool's Super Duper Dance Party

by Tara

Deadpool had a huge comic con presence this year. Not only did they have a booth inside that featured Deadpool's Super Duper Dance Party (Dance Party Action towards the bottom of this post) but they had giveaways and the Deadpool Dream Suite which one lucky fan got to spend a night in. This was a pretty big promotion for Deadpool 2 which will be released on Blu-ray and DVD Tuesday, August 21st.

Only a select few con goers won the chance to check out Deadpool's Dream Suite. Only Press/Media were invited to check out Deadpool's Dream Suite before the winner was announced. Deadpool's Dream Suite was inside the Hard Rock Hotel and we were told to get off at a certain floor with a certain room number to go to. The picture above is the door to Deadpool's Dream Suite.
The setup is Deadpool & Blind Al's Living Room. There were plenty of Easter Eggs (similar items seen in the movie). No, there was nothing to look for under the floor. Lots of people asked lol.  Check out all the pictures below. Further down you'll see the video for Deadpool's Super Duper Dance Party.

For all those that entered Deadpool's Dream Suite, they gave us this pretty cool Unicorn Toiletry bag filled with travel sized items that we could use. If you look at the details on the label, they are pretty funny. Love this! Thank you again to Deadpool 2,  20th Century Fox and VUDU for giving us the opportunity to check out Deadpool's Dream Suite.

Inside SDCC was Deadpool's Super Dance Party! Check out our video below!

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