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Super7's 10th Anniversary Party

by Tara

Super7 celebrated their 10th Anniversary this past Saturday, May 14th 2011 in San Francisco, CA at 6PM. Parking was a nightmare this particular Saturday. Took 2 hours to finally find a parking space. This totally ruined the celebratory mood that we were in on our way to Super7. By the time we actually found a parking space, it was already an hour in to the party. We missed the Lucky Bag openings but made it in time for the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and free classic video games. Later that night Super7 hosted another Trade Fest.

Other than the parking frustrations, the party was fun and at least were were able to pick up our Lucky Bags. We were stoked with what we picked up.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Super7 and here's to many, many, many more years of awesome toys!

Here are a few pics that we took. Not too many since we missed out on the first hour of fun.