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Written by Tara

ID10T Music Festival & Comic Conival is brought to you by Chris Hardwick had their first ever show this year Mountain View, CA at the Shoreline Amphitheater. If you were going for just the music, you would be better going when the first music set starts. During the morning and early hours of the show, there is no music acts playing. There is, however, the Comic Conival which had panels and comedy going on along with the Power Rangers Lazer Tag and of course exhibitors and artists to fill your comic con needs if you weren't lucky enough to get tickets for San Diego Comic Con. 

Overall the show was good. There were still some things that could be improved. It would've been nice to have some live music maybe an hour after the show started. There were a good amount of people there to check out the panels and Comedy Tent but it feels like something was missing. I think there should've been more interactive events etc... to keep people busy. It felt once you walked around and checked everything out, it was basically a waiting game if you were waiting for a specific panel, comedian or band to perform. 

There's no word if there's going to be a show next year so we'll just have to wait and see. I think if they could reel in more big name companies to exhibit and have fun interactive booths, it would definitely bring more people to the show and keep people from being bored. 

The show has something for everyone but just not at the same time, so, if you're planning to attend the show when it opens just be prepared to keep yourself busy. 

Check out our pictures from the show below:

ID10T Music Festival & Comic Conival

Photos by Tracy