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Super7 9th Anniversary

Article by Tara

Super7, located in San Francisco's Japantown celebrated their 9th Anniversary May 22, 2010. Super7 is known for their magazine which focuses on Japanese Monsters like Godzilla etc... In the past few years, Super7's owner Brian Flynn, started his own line of Neo-Kaiju / Sofubi figures. All of Super7's figures are made in Japan.
As any Anniversary Party, there was cake, beer, Milton Pinata and of course Lucky Bags! What are Lucky bags you ask? Well, in Japan many companies have Lucky Bags, to start the new year. There were many people celebrating S7's Anniversary. They all celebrated by buying a Lucky Bag! Once everyone purchased their Lucky Bag, everyone opened their bags together which was great. There were 7 figures per bag which ranged from Custom figures to unpainted prototype figures etc...
It was a great atmosphere and a fun event. S7 never disappoints! Looking forward to their 10th Anniversary next year. By this time next year, they will no longer be located in Japantown but will be at their new location on Haight St. in SF. If you're in the area within the next few weeks or so, go check them out. Not only do they have awesome figures but they also have cool prints and unique T-shirts.
 You can check out Super7 online at