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Super7 8th Anniversary

by Michael

Time sure flies. It's been 8 years since Super 7 opened their doors and inviting us into another realm of collectibles. I never thought about Godzilla and Japanese monsters as collectibles. S7 has brought over a whole new genre of collecting.

For those that attended the party were given the chance to purchase Lucky Bags filled with toys. There were 2 sizes with prices of $125 and $250. If you were really lucky you would've scored 1 of 20 Mummy Boy handpainted figures by Kiyoka and Leecifer. Other figures that you could get were unpainted Le Merde Hollis, clear red Gorilla Biscuits, black ice cream cone, 1 of 3 different Zombie figures (Imp, Ooze bat, Zag) and of course 1 prototype figure (escaregot, hooded zombie, stomp, squirm, zombeard etc...).

Events of the night were a game of ring toss. Even if you sucked and didn't even get one you would get a t-shirt as a constellation prize. Very nice of S7! They also had a custom made Mummy Boy Pinata filled with tons of Candy. The pinata was so strong. It took a real hard beating before it finally broke.

Later that night cake and cupcakes were served as well as beverages throughout the party. Later that night they had a raffle to win some spectacular toys.

Congrats to the raffle winners and of course a Huge Congratulations and Thanks to Super 7 for 8 wonderful years!

Thanks again to Super 7 for 8 Awesome Year! Looking forward to watching them grow in the years to come. Please check out a few pictures here.