Detective Pikachu Activation

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​The line was always long for the Detective Pikachu activation. We decided on one of the days to get in line there early instead of getting in line for the exhibit hall. It was pretty much just a walk through of the movie. At the end you get to spin a wheel to try and win prizes. You get something either way but if you landed on a yellow spot, you'd get the coveted Detective Pikachu ears and it has the little Detective hat too! You also got 2 plastic rings. If you landed on another color, you would get a Detective Pikachu comic book and 2 plastic rings.


​It was a nice activation but don't know if the wait was really worth it. Maybe if they gave everyone the Pikachu ears and instead of spinning the wheel do something to get the line moving faster. This is what made the line go so slow. Perhaps smaller wheels or more wheels. Lines were long every day all day. If you can't see the pictures in our slideshow above, you can view our pictures from the activation HERE.


Written by Tara

Photos by Tracy

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