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1/2014 - 3/11/2014

Please note that links, video etc... are no longer working.

3/11/14- Just wanted to let you all know that we will be upgrading our website so we might not be updating regularly until we fully transfer 100+ pages and pictures from here. Unfortunately our website hosting does not automatically transfer anything from our website so essentially we have to start over and re-design the pages and manually copy all the pages, info and re-upload all the pictures.  Please check out our blog or twitter for the latest news and updates.
Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at our site. We appreciate your support! Keep on Collecting!

Super7's "Spring Forward" Foster Release
Atlantic City Boardwalk Con to Debut in 2015
Injustice: Gods Among Us Debuts Darkseid
Total Atomic Meltdown Show at Clutter Gallery

Monster Worship x Michael Skattum Slimebat Release...
LEGO The Hobbit Videogame Buddy Up Trailer

Beer Idols: Your Favorite Styles Personified as Art Prints Kickstarter...
Mezco Reveals 15 inch Mega Scale Talking "Good Guy" Chucky...
Afflicted Official Trailer
Cometdebris Announces March Releases
Max Toy's Kaiju Negora Spring Version Pre-Order
New Buff Monster Release Tomorrow
"The Walking Dead" The Prison Board Game Kickstarter...
Muppets Most Wanted POP! Vinyl Figures

Preview Dead Zebra Inc x Andrew Bell's The Last Knight...
Kaiju USB: GODAI Guardians Kickstarter
Preview Cometedebris' Latest Sametan

Preview Cometdebris' New Tokoji Seijin
"The Crawling Dead" Show at Toy Art Gallery This Saturday...
Mutant Head Butt Attack Show at Rampage Studios

The Cape Creator: A Tribute to Bat-Maker Bill Finger...
More FREE Exclusive Art Prints at Sac-Con This Sunday...
The Protector 2 Movie Trailer
IDW Announces that Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird Returns to TMNT for Special 30th Anniversary Issue...

2/26/14- We have moved our store from Big Cartel to Storenvy. We added a few new things. Our Big Cartel store will remain open for a little bit. We are still fine tuning the Storenvy store especially with the shipping costs etc.... It's definitely tough to figure out since there is no real time shipping integrated. If there is any questions on shipping costs or if you want to combine shipping, send us an email if you think the shipping costs are way off.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 POP! Vinyl Figures

The New Godzilla Trailer

Super7's Spring Green Pocket Rose Vampire Release

2/22/14- TOYS!!!! LOOT CRATE!!!!
Cure x James Groman Brain Bug Boogie-Man FL-V Version Pre-Order...
NBC Announces Heroes Reborn
LEGO The Hobbit Video Game
Loot Crate - February 2014 - Warriors ***Contains Spoilers*** ...
The Walking Dead Chibis

Young Gohst "Party Favors" Release

Sac-Con's Exclusive FREE My Little Pony Art Print
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril Now Available for Nintendo DS...
McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Action Figures...
MEGA Androids!

Ron English's Yucky Children Charmer

2/17/14- Toy Fair 2014 is going down in NY. We weren't able to be there this year, maybe next year.
Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker POP! Vinyl & Legacy Collection Action Figures...
Funko Announces Hikari Japanese Vinyl Line

Entertainment Earth Reveals More ReAction Pictures...
B-KAWZ Gold Edition by Necessaries Toy Foundation
Gentle Giant Announces Pre-order for Alien Jumbo Kenner-inspired Figure...

2/14/14- Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget to subscribe to Loot Crate this month. There's only a few days left to get February's Loot Crate. This month has an exclusive T-shirt inside. Loot Crate now ships to a select number of International Countries (Canada, Australia and the UK). GO here to buy your Loot Crate! Use Discount code FEBLOOT to get $3 off.

Are Your Kids Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans?
Max Toy's Kaiju Negora Sabertooth Version Preorder...

Funko Announces Game Of Thrones Legacy Collection
Entertainment One's Monsters: The Complete Series DVD Release ...
DST's New Releases This Week!

Chima Group Surprise "Candle" Release at Wonder Festival...
Splurrt's Cadaver Twins & Cadaver Kid Wonder Festival...
Refreshment Toy Hand Painted GID Many Eyes Cat for Wonder Festival...
Shamrock Arrow Releases for Wonder Festival

2/7/14- Finally got around to adding more of our older coverage from 2004-2008. Still uploading and searching for some event pictures. Happens sometimes when you've switched through multiple web hosting. Entertainment Earth dropped the First Pictures of some of Funko x Super7's Upcoming ReAction Figure lines that will released this year.

If things go well and there are no setbacks we will see ReAction Figures of Firefly, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Back to the Future, Universal Monsters, Goonies, Terminator, Predator, The Rocketeer, The Crow, Pulp Fiction, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Horror Line featuring Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface, Michael Myers, Pinhead etc...
Entertainment Earth Reveals First Pictures of Upcoming ReAction Figures...
The Art of Love - "A Love Theme" Group Show at Dragatomi...
POW! WOW! Hawaii Exclusive Sametan
TAG x Paul Kaiju's Slugbeard & New Minis Teasers

Gentle Giant Star Wars Kenner Jumbo Figures & Playset Daily Deal ...
Lulubell's Cure x James Groman 1st Full Color Painted Brain Bug Boogie-Man Pre-Order...
East Bay Comic Con

Funko POP! GhostBusters Vinyl Figures

Entertainment Earth's Deal of the Day - Alien ReAction Figure...
Super7 to Debut Super Soapeez Toy Line with Kirk von Hammett's Nosferatu at Fear FestEvil...
MVH 6 Eyes & Dokuro
Preview Paul Kaiju's Mockshock Set
Toy Art Gallery x Devil's Head Productions Alavaka Split Release...
Uglydoll Keys & Pet Products
Gargamel Announces The Thrash Out Show Vol. 2

Zombitron Kickstarter is UP!

1/31/14- Happy Chinese New Year!
Kenth Toy Works x Acolorfulmonster Zombitron Kickstarter Starts This Saturday! ...
IDW Announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Comic Fun Packs...
Gravy Toys Presents The Suns of Brodarr - Episode 1...
Toy Art Gallery Presents "Dark Invasion"

TAG x Bwana Spoons Special GID Hand-Painted Marty & Killer w/Globby Release ...
Are you playing Injustice: Gods Among Us on your Mobile Devices?...
Buff Monster Mister Melty & Zombie Mister Melty Release Tomorrow...
Super7's Ghost of Caveman Dinosaur Release Tomorrow...
Funko POP! Teen Titans GO! Vinyl Figures
Max Toy's Japan Exclusive Eyezons
Kookie No Good Release

Bwana Spoons' New Year Blind Bag Jeff Release This Friday!!!...
Scott Tolleson x De Korner's Kookie No Good Debut Release This Week!!! ...
DC Comics Superman & Bizarro Sofubi Figures

1/25/14- USPS Shipping rates have gone up!
Paul Kaiju x BlobPus King Jinx Pre-Order
SPOILER!!! Loot Crate - LAUNCH - January 2014 Contents Revealed...

Gamago's Spraypaint Projection Clock
New Marvel POP! & Wacky Wobblers from Funko!!!
New Releases from Bwana Spoons!
Year Of The Horse Android
Preview Super7 x Joshua Herbolsheimer's Ghost of Caveman Dinosaur...

Hot New Pre-Orders From DST!

Splurrt's Unpainted Cadaver Twins
Preview BlobPus x Paul Kaiju's King Jinx
POP! Animation Rocky & Bullwinkle + Mr. Peabody & Sherman Coming Soon from Funko ...
Misfortune Cat "New Year" Release
New Skinner Minion Sets & Nuclear Orb Baby Release...

BlobPus Ollie Enma Custom One Offs
Stegoforest Pre-Order
Batman 1966 TV Series POP! Vinyl Figures
300: Rise of an Empire Trailer

Just an Update!
New January Pre-Orders from Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant x Chronicle Books Team Up for a Special Project...

1/18/14 - Finally had some time to finish up some of the checklists for Mummy Boy, Pocket Mummy Boy, Pocket Invisiboy, Pocket Baseball Boy, Mummy Gator, Pocket Mummy Gator, Pumpkin Boy, Pumpkinvire, Rose Vampire DX, Pocket Rose Vampire, Micro Mummy Boy, Micro Rose Vampire, Rose Vampire Casket Cruiser, S7 Mashups and Misfits (these are collaboration figures that had only 1 release so far or figures that has no specific place to be put in at the moment.

We haven't updated the website for quite a few days as it took a bit longer to get everything to fit right. If the pictures are too big or if you are having problems with it loading, please let us know. Some of the figures pictured didn't have the greatest of lighting so we did the best we could with what we had.

We made sure we did our homework for the release dates on a lot of the figures which meant looking back at the release dates for each figure. We doubled and tripled checked. For some of the SSSS Exclusive Black Figures, wasn't sure if we should post when the order took place or when the figures arrives so we just put the year it came out. What do you think?

Up next in the checklist is S7's Monster Family, Snakes Of Infinity, Dokuwashi, Visighost, Monoghost, Doku SD and a few more odds and ends pieces.

Then after that, not sure what other figures we should make a checklist of next.

Our blog has been updated with new posts this past week so we hope you had the time to check them out.

Here's what was posted this past week.
Uglydoll KISS Plushes
New BlobPUS Releases
Marvel Knights Animation's Wolverine vs. Sabretooth...
Gargamel Lucky Bags 2014
Preview Shirahama's 2014 Kumon Lucky Bag
Monster Worship x Integrity x A389 Red Fury Black Heksen Combo ...
Preview Paul Kaiju's Boss Carrion, Mr. Ree & King Jinx Future Releases ...
Kidrobot x TMNT Teaser???
Preview New Marvel Products from Funko
Preview Max Toy's Custom Camo Kaiju Negora & Tank
New Star Trek, Knight Rider & Walking Dead Release from DST...
Ted 16" Talking Plush Bears Deal Of The Day at Entertainment Earth...
Lulubell Toys x TTToys Deathworm & Bigfoot Pre-Order...
Bigshot Toyworks x Martin Hsu "Miya-san" Hayao Miyazaki Tribute Figure...

1/10/14- Working hard on some long overdue projects. Just about done with the Mummy Boy Checklist.
Secret Base Mazinger-Z
Super7's Frozen Foster
Max Toy's Kaiju Negora Cow Style Pre-Order
Super7's Crystal Mecha Release
T9G x Bwana Spoons Painted GID Release

Funko Announces Game Of Thrones Mystery Minis!!!

Lulubell x Restore Eternal Cloud First Release Pre-Order...
The Walking Dead Mini Wacky Wobblers & Mystery Minis Series 2 Coming Soon...

M5 Bravo Battle Damage "Kosmik" Edition Pre-Order (SOLD OUT) ...
Entertainment Earth's New Year's Sale

SacAnime Starts Tomorrow!
Toy Art Gallery x Yakimon's New Years Takoshi Release...

1/1/14- Happy New Year! 1st Day of 2014! Hope you all had a great New Year's!
Super7 x Mishka Keep Watch Mummy Boy New Year's 2014 Release...