This is the last year that APE (Alternative Press Expo) will be with Comic-Con International. In 2015, APE will return back to Dan Vado who founded APE back in 1994 and his SLG Publishing Team.

This year APE was held at the Fort Mason Center in the Festival Pavilion Building. The weather was very nice on the day that we went. Parking was scarce near the Festival Pavilion due to the Farmers Market that was going on that day as well.  There seems to be more exhibitors at APE this year ranging from indie comic publishers, artists etc...

Didn't pick up too much this time around but score these awesome TMNT prints by Chris Lee from The Beast is Back!
APE was a pleasure as always. Great art, comics, toys, t-shirts, prints, illustrations etc... You'll always find something new or unique at this show. Not sure where APE will take place next year but hopefully we'll see you there!
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by Tracy

APE 2014

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