Wondercon 2012

by Tracy & Lenny

Wondercon was held in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend, March 16-18. The Anaheim Convention Center is huge. Once you past the main entrance, you had to walk the other end of the building to reach Hall E where you would pick up your badges as well as head into the exhibit hall.

We were there Friday and there was a good amount of people in attendance. When we arrived, the lines were minimal. As we got inside the exhibit hall was pretty busy with a good number of attendees there the 1st day. The lines for food were pretty long when it got around 1 or 2pm as the show didn't start til noon.

Wondercon has always been laid back and an all around great show. We go year after year not because of exclusives but because the atmosphere is calmer and you get to enjoy the show more without getting trampled or stuck in a huge traffic jam of people like at SDCC. We get to actually stop and look around. Wondercon is a show that you can see everything within a few hours. Speaking of exclusives, there were actually no lines to pick any up on Friday. You know for sure this would not be the case at SDCC.

Another perk for Wondercon being relocated to Anaheim this year was getting the chance to go to Disneyland/California Adventure.

Overall, Wondercon is getting bigger and better every year. We look forward to next year's Wondercon wherever it may be located.

Check out our slideshow pictures of Wondercon 2012. See you all next year!!!!

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