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11/13/11 -

11/11/11- Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to all those who have served and for those that are serving now.



11/8/11 -

11/7/11 -


10/29/11 - 1 Week from today is Designer Con.

10/28/11 -

10/26/11 -

10/25/11 - Designer Con is coming soon!!!! Mark your calendars for November 5th!

10/20/11 -

10/19/11 -

10/14/11 -

10/13/11 -NYCC starts Today!!!! For those attending, Have a great time!!!

10/12/11 -

10/10/11 -


10/4/11 -

9/28/11 -

9/24/11 -

9/23/11 -

9/21/11 -

9/16/11 -

9/15/11 - Always getting side tracked. A few new ones for the day. More to come.....

9/3/11- Updated with WOD SF Page, Sunday Funday......


9/1/11- Sorry for the lack of updates. Been way too busy in August. Hopefully will be back to regular posting after some catch up posts.


8/19/11- World of Dance will be hitting the Bay Area this Saturday, August 20th 2011 at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA from 3pm to 11pm.


8/15/11 - Extreme Autofest Full Re-cap is up HERE.

8/14/11 - Been extremely busy the past week. Finally got caught up with the post-sdcc toy posts.


8/10/11 -


8/6/11 -

8/5/11 -

8/1/11 - SDCC Aftermath! We were wiped out from SDCC so needed some time to recuperate from the madness. SDCC was fun yet tiring as sleep was for the week. We hardly slept....yet had the strength to drive back home after 5 days of fun.

For a Full recap and pictures check it out HERE!

We'll be back to our normal selves in a few days after we catch up with all the SDCC post news.

7/17/11- SDCC is rapidly approaching.

7/14/11 -

7/13/11 - Been too busy! SDCC is officially 1 week away. Check out a bunch of posts today.

7/9/11 - Can't believe SDCC is less than 11 days away!

7/8/11 -

7/5/11 -



6/28/11 -

6/27/11- Hope you all had a great weekend!


6/25/11- Didn't have time to post anything yesterday so get ready for lots of reading today!

6/23/11 - It's less than a month now for SDCC. Are you ready? Comic Con will be re-selling at least 1500 tickets soon so either follow them on twitter or watch their website closely as they will only give you a 1 hour heads up when the tickets will go back up.

6/21/11 -  New posts for the day.

6/20/11- Hope you all had a lovely weekend and for all the fathers out there, we hope you had a great Father's Day!

6/17/11 - Have a great weekend!

6/16/11 - Check out these new posts.

6/14/11 - New Posts up!

6/12/11 - Full recap of the BLOX Open House 2011 Car show & Pictures. Over 300 pictures were taken at yesterday's event. You can view it HERE.

6/11/11 - New Post

6/10/11 - Burning that late night oil so got some late night posts. Enjoy! Maybe more posts during the day too.... :D

6/9/11- Been busy the past couple of days. Was able to squeeze in a few posts.

6/8/11- Couple of new ones....

6/7/11- New Posts Today! Enjoy!

6/6/11- Hope you all had a great weekend! Wow! Longest Post shortage in a while. Got some new posts up today. Thank you to everyone who has been reading our site and checking us out. If you have an Toy Related News, please send us an email at collectingtoyz (at) G M A I L . COM. Just remove the spaces and replace (at) with @. Trying to avoid as much email SPAM as possible. We would love to hear from you!

6/1/11- Whoops forgot to update.

5/31/11- Hope you all had a great Memorial Holiday Weekend!

5/27/11- A couple of new posts for your Friday. Have a great Memorial Holiday Weekend!

5/26/11- Did you watch Kung Fu Panda 2 Yet? We did! It was amazing and blew away our expectations. GO see it this Weekend if you have the chance!

5/25/11 - A couple of new posts.

5/23/11 - Hope you all had a great weekend. Prayers and Thoughts are with those in Joplin, Missouri. A couple of new posts today.

5/20/11- Good day for toys. Great way to start the weekend!

5/19/11 - More posts today!

You can also view Super7's 10th Anniversary Party Recap HERE.

5/17/11- Got a few new posts for you today.

5/15/11- Been so busy lately. Got up a new post.

5/13/11- Blogger was down yesterday so couldn't make any new posts. Let's do some catch up and check out these new posts.

5/10/11- Hello!New posts are can now be accessed easier through our website. New posts are linked starting from 5/9/11.

5/9/11- Ooops Forgot to update here but added a ton of posts.

5/5/11 - How's everyone doing? Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

  • Super7 10th Anniversary Lucky Bag Teaser
  • Arbito & Shawn Wolfe's Two Heads Show @ Super7
  • Project 1/6 Exclusive Rose Vampire

5/4/11 - New posts! YAY!

  • Brandt Peters x FERG Trouble Boys No.10 Release
  • Super7 releases a Trio of new figures

5/3/11- Lovely weather today!

  • First Release of Bwana Spoons' Sloth n Moth Vinyl Figure
  • Coming Soon Propane Honoo The Flame by Leecifer

5/2/11-  A few new posts for you.

  • Coming Soon: Max Toy's Mini Kaiju Dragigus & Kaiju Drazorus
  • Pre-Order 2011 Sasquatch! Toys
  • Reminder- Kaiju for Japan Shop Closes this Friday

5/1/11- In unrelated Toy news, It's May!