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Stance of the UnionCar Show

Show took place in Sacramento October 23rd, 2010. It was a gloomy day where it rained off and on throughout the day.  Pictures can be seen here!


World of Dance & REMIX Car Show

Hey Bay Area! WOD is coming back Saturday, November 13, 2010 @ The Solano Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only is WOD showing but they have been joined by a new Car Show called REMIX. Thats right folks! 2 shows for the price of 1. Whether you like cars, dancing, lifestyle, Music etc.... You are gonna get them all!

World Of Dance - ABDC Season 5 Winners Poreotics will be there as well as Future Funk from America's Got Talent and Les Twins coming all the way from France!

Remix Award Tour - Check out their website if you are interested in registering your car for the show. There are tons of classes available for pretty much everyone.

There will be vendors selling the latest and hottest street wear, shoes etc.... as well as parts for your car. If you are vendor interested in participating at the show email Tell them, TI Promotions sent you!

Admission is $25 online and at the door. If you purchase your tickets now you can get $5 off admission. Go here and enter promo code : TIPROMO or CT. Online discount code ends 11/06/10. If you are undecided and need flyers, send us an email through our contact page.

Show times are from 4pm - 11pm.


APE and Updates

10/21 - Big UPDATES!!!!!! As you know APE was last weekend in SF! Unfortunately, due to an illness as well as less than stellar weather, We were not able to attend and cover the show like we wanted to. We cleaned up the upcoming schedules of Events and added in new ones with updates to World of Dance Bay Area. The date and venue has changed. It has joined forces with REMIX, a car show for Japanese Import cars, SUVs, Donks, Lowriders etc.....

I know this is a site mostly focusing on toys but there is so much more to collecting than just toys.... A lot of people collect Limited Edition T-shirts, Diecast cars, Shoes etc.... So our blog will be renamed.  I've always been interested in cars especially the Import Car Scene when it first started out. I've promoted for Hot Import Nights/ Daze/ Nightshift etc... for at least 10+ years when they first started until the last time they held a show in the Bay Area.  Sadly the company went bankrupt within the past year or so.

SDCC 2010

San Diego Comic Con held July 21-25, 2010 has now come and gone. Check our recap along with a load of pictures and what it would've been like had you been there.

Don't forget to keep watching for updates on when next year's show tickets will be for sale. Dates for next year will be July 21-24 and of course July 20th will be preview night.

SDCC 2010 is coming so Fast!!!! Here's a small list of what exclusives will be there. Don't forget to check out for up to date information regarding exhibitors, booth numbers, exclusives, panels, signings, events and of course the map layout of the exhibit floor.

Exclusives -

Major update regarding Mattel!!! -----------For the first time Mattel will be offering pre-orders to pick up exclusives at SDCC but it will be at the Marriott which is right next door. Hopefully that will ease the pain for many buyers.

Huge website UPDATE!!!! We will be revamping the whole site to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate through pages. We are in the process of moving a lot of the older content into the archives and what not.

Stay tuned for comic-con updates and pictures..................