Dragatomi's Kidrobot Apocalypse Dunny Release, Signing & Mini Show

by Erica A.

Dragatomi really made an impact with us during our first visit. So, we decided to drop by during their Kidrobot Apocalypse Dunny Release Party, Show & Signing. It would probably have been easier to just head to KRSF but parking literally sucks there and the line would've been probably down a couple of blocks lol. Dragatomi  had 3 artists from the Apocalypse Dunny series in attendance for their signing which was Hydro 74, Chris Ryniak & Jesse Hernandez.

What was also a great incentive for going to Dragatomi was that for every case of the Apocalypse Dunny purchased you would get 3 prints for free which is 1 each from the 3 artists in attendance.

Their Apocalypse cases with the free prints are sold out but you can still purchase the prints at Dragatomi.

They had a mini Kidrobot Apocalypse Dunny show as well. A couple of customs, a few prints & original sketches etc... You can see what is still available if you head over to Dragatomi's website.

Oh and in case you're wondering why there's no pics of Jesse Hernandez, it's because he was about an hour late to the party lol.

A lot of the designs in this series was pretty good. Favorite would have to be Chris Ryniak's Dunny which is pictured below.

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