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Max Toy Co.'s 5th Anniversary

by Tara

    Saturday, April 23, 2011 Max Toy Co.'s 5th Anniversary Show at Double Punch in San Francisco at 7PM. The show was located upstairs in Double Punch's Gallery. Walking up the stairs, you see all the artwork all over the walls.  Spotted Mark Nagata, the Owner/Creator of Max Toy but didn't get a chance to talk to him. Loved looking at all the artwork. Then you see this huge Eyezon figure standing in the corner. There were stuffed versions made of some of Mark's characters like Captain Maxx etc...

    There were a lot of figures right smack in the center of the gallery and of course the hand paints. One of my favorite pieces was Mark's painting above the toys. There were quite a lot of artwork that I really liked. Now, I only wished that I had won the lottery so I could've bought some.  Max Toy, also had show exclusives like the blue Lady Maxx figure which sold out at the show.

    A lot of the regulars were at this show as well. Oh and we can't forget all the food and drinks at the show. Mark & his wife brought the cupakes. The cupcakes were so cute. The layout of the fruit/cracker/cheese platter looked so good too.  I think Mark's wife was setting it up too. There was also pizza!

    Congratulations to Mark Nagata & Max Toy Co. on their 5 year Anniversary!!! Thanks again to Double Punch for hosting an amazing show!

    Check out some pics of the show below!!!!