Written by Tara

Photos by Tracy

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 seemed to be smaller than last year. There was no outside events with the food trucks and dog cosplay contest like last year. The weather had been pretty rainy up until Saturday Morning of the SVCC when it finally started to dry out.

One thing that kind of got us on a bad start was that they didn't tell members of the Press/Media that they had moved the credentials pickup location to another building behind the convention center. We weren't the only ones that were looking for it and even asked one of the SVCC staff members for help. Oddly enough, they didn't know either and had to ask someone else. Obviously, there was some changes in who manages/coordinates SVCC this year. Lack of communication whether it be replying to messages sent through their contact page and overall just letting everyone know where to pick up their badges etc... was pretty bad.

As we all know Celebrities are a huge attraction for a lot of Comic Cons There are some panels worth noting especially the Star Wars one that was held on Friday evening. This year really lacked major companies from comics, toys, collectibles etc... which was a huge bummer. Boom! Studios and a few others were noticeably missing. There were tons of retailers and independent artists. This year, the show was good depending on what you were there for. Found a few cool items but just felt that it was a bit of let down this year. There wasn't much of a WOW factor or a WOW event. Cosplayers are always going to be out in full force for every comic con so you'll never get a shortage of them.

SVCC has a lot of potential and from what we saw last year, it could potentially be a huge show and compete with some of the bigger comic cons. This year was a step back. Just hope that whoever is in charge of the show can do something to attract bigger companies which would therefore attract more attendees.

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We'll see you at SVCC 2019 and hopefully the show will be back bigger and better next year.

Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018

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