This year was a stepping stone out of the pandemic and everyone wondering how it was gonna be after the pandemic shut down everything for over a year. Late 2021, there were still a few shows like SDCC and DesignerCon that tested the waters to see if people would be willing to venture back to shows and being in larger gatherings.

Things were different this year. Facemasks were required. Before entering Wondercon had a check point where they checked to see if you had your covid vaccinations or a negative covid test within 24-48hrs. That in itself was the first line to get closer to the convention center and once you got a wristband you were free to go inside the convention center to pick up your badges, book, lanyard etc...

The show was typically smaller than what it was in 2019. There were still some that were hesitant about going to a big show with large crowds of people. It meant less exhibitors and attendees. It was still a good show to attend. Baby steps and this was a good practice for comic con that would be a few months away in July with an even larger amount of attendees and exhibitors.

With all shows this year, it's gonna take a little bit before people start getting back to some normalcy.

See you next year!

Coverage by Tara and Tracy

Wondercon 2022

Wondercon 2022

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