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San Diego Comic Con 2017

SDCC 2017 was more bitter-sweet than anything. This year we goofed on our renewal application for press so coverage is only 1/8th of what it normally is. We tried contacting CCI numerous times via email but no human reply. Lesson learned is to read the requirements thoroughly and not rush on sending things in. Apparently, covering the show for over 10 years doesn't mean squat. Yeah we're still more old school on the way we cover things, we are not like other blogs or websites. We do things differently and run our website, blog and social media the way we see fit. At the heart of it, we're collectors first and foremost. We do have lives outside of this blog/website. We do make mistakes every now and then but who doesn't? . Without collectors, there would be no exhibitors and thus no comic cons. 

Let's start with Preview Night. This year we were showing around a few SDCC newbies and the easy part was getting our badges, bags etc... and registering a few kids. The hardest part was finding the actual line to line up to get into the Exhibit Hall. We were told by several different employees or volunteers that the line started over there on one side and we didn't see a line which was very unusual. Then someone said, oh the line to get in is outside. We circled the registration area for about an hour when we said "F-It", we'll go line up where we always lined up to get into the exhibit hall. 

Very Frustrating and doesn't help when you're trying to show 2 kids whose never been to SDCC a good time and that the employees working here actually knew what they were doing. Luckily, kids are resilient and move on to the next thing. 

Forgot to mention that luckily being in this industry you make a lot of friends who will help you out when you're in a jam like this. 

Thursday, we got up early, and walked probably a good mile to find the end of the line to get into the everything but Hall H line. A lot of people were in line trying to get into the Funko line to get a ticket to buy exclusives. One exclusive that we wanted luckily went online in the Funko store while we were walking/waiting in line. 

By the time the line go close to the Hilton Parking lot, a couple of us had to split as we were lucky to have other friends who extra tickets for the Conan Live Taping during SDCC. Conan had 2 live show tapings on Thursday and we had the evening show. For those that don't know, after each Conan show for the past few years, Conan gave the audience free Conan POP! Vinyl Figures where he's dressed as different comic or pop culture characters. 

Friday, was pretty much wasted... See our Game of Thrones WINTER IS HERE Experience for the details. 

Saturday was redemption for wasting Friday away. We walked around the areas downtown in Gaslamp and the surrounding areas of the convention center where there were a lot of different events and experiences going on. Check out our article Outside SDCC Events/ Experiences

Sunday was the last day so we headed straight to the LAIKA Experience that was in the Gaslamp District prior to SDCC. The line wait was 3 hours but this was worth it for sure! Link to our LAIKA Experience article.

As for inside the exhibit hall, some of our favorite booths was the Nickelodeon Booth, The Walking Dead,

Super7 (<-----click link), Toddland, Mattel, Hasbro, Weta etc...

Check out our slideshow below for pictures!!!!

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