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Designer Con 2010

Written by Tracy, Pictures and Video by Lenny

Designercon was held in Pasadena, CA on November 20th, 2010. It was a rainy day in Southern California. Pretty much all of California was getting hit with a huge storm. Massive rain and winds up and down the coast.

Saturday Morning, we arrived at the Pasadena Convention Center about 8:30am. The weather was ok but was lighly raining in certain areas on the way there. As we waited in line we were fortunate to arrive at a good time to able to stand underneath some roof coverage of the building. About 40 minutes before the doors opened the rain started to fall hard and there were some light winds as well so you would get more wet. I guess it was 30 mins or less before the doors opened, the organizers decided to let everyone wait inside in an organized queque. There was a slight delay in the show opening but it was tolerated especially since they were nice enough to let us come in instead of standing in the cold rain.

Once the show started, we proceeded to pay our admission fee of $5. If you wanted a goodie bag that was an additional $5 as well. You get a lot of stuff inside the bag and it is well worth the $5 you paid for it. As we finish paying our admission fee, we proceed to check out the show.

The show just gets bigger and bigger every year. We have gone to every show except 1 since the show started. The show has went through a lot of different names from Qeeology to Vinyl Toy Network and to where we are now at Designercon. Anyways, back to the current show. It was huge and filled up with booths ranging from artists, your favorite shops, companies and distributors.
This year they also had a couple of different shows inside. They had an Art Show by Bwana Spoons & DKE featuring Bwana's take on Star Wars characters. There was also another show called So Analog Customs Show. There was a lot to see and buy!!!

Ok, well I think you get the idea of what this show had to offer. This show does not disappoint! Every year it gets better. Maybe next year the weather will be nice. The weather was the only part that was a downer. Pictures of what we picked up and of course the show. I know you can't wait to see the pictures.