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Wondercon 2018 has come and gone. The weather turned out really nice despite the gray skies and downpours of rain the day before. Traveling down to Anaheim was no joke. We've never seen it rain so hard in Southern California. Lots of freeways were filled with water and you know traffic is already insane during the dry normal days. With the rain it was just a huge mess and the traffic was obviously worse. Wondercon attendees dodged the horrible weather just a day earlier. The weather during Wondercon was awesome as you can see from our picture above. Nothing but blue skies. Beautiful So Cal weather!

As you know, most attendees will have their badge mailed to them in advance so all you would need to do is pick up your Souvenir Guide Book, Lanyard and Bag. This year, there was no bag even though they had signs directing you to pick up your lanyard, bag and souvenir book. So hopefully many of you who follow us on instagram or twitter read our post and brought your own bag to hold your freebies and other purchases this year. Some vendors/retailers will have bags but a lot of them do not. So, it's always wise to bring bags with you just in case. If you're a California resident, you would know that a lot of retailers aren't allowed to give out regular plastic bags anymore. You would have to pay for a reusable plastic bag, paper bag or reusable canvas bags etc...

This year's souvenir guide book featured Superman on the cover. As we stood in the line to get into the exhibit hall, it gave us time to check out the souvenir guide book. Friday is usually the best day to go just to check out the exhibit hall and walk around. Also great to pick up any exclusive before they sell out. Wondercon is way more relaxing than SDCC. With Wondercon you can pretty much see the whole exhibit floor in one day. There's not very many elaborate booths like you'd see at SDCC but then again even if you wanted to see any elaborate booths at SDCC, it's a challenge in itself as the exhibit floor is crowded pretty much every where you walk.

The weekend is always crowded from all of the panels going on to the Masquerade and various other activities going on throughout the day and night. One thing that we've learned from the past is that if you can stay at hotel within walking distance you save yourself a lot of time and stress looking for parking. The parking lots fill up very fast so if you need to get a parking space, you should leave at least a couple of hours early to get any convention center parking.

Wondercon is a great show and grows bigger every year. They expanded to a new section of the convention center which housed the tech and VR companies. They also had their very first off-site experience for the new show called The Terror. It was setup next to the Food Truck vendors.

If you've never been to Wondercon, definitely go next year and experience it yourself. The ticket prices are affordable and it's the next best thing after SDCC. We'll see you next year and hope that you enjoy our pictures below:

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