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Le Merd's Funbuns Burgerbuns Custom Show

by Tara

This show coincidentally was held on the same day as Designercon. This show was held at Super7 in San Francisco, CA. Burgerbuns was created by Le Merde who made his way out to personally attend the Customs Show of his lovely Burgerbuns figure. As you probably already read, the whole state of California was hit by a heavy storm that had hard hitting rain with gusty winds with thunder and lightning.

The show was also a bit of a going away party for 2 of Super7's staff members. Unfortunately, due to weather and of course Designercon there were not many people in attendance.

I got there about 20 minutes or so before the show was to end. Parking was hard to find. By the time I could actually find a space, I went past the store again and saw that they were closing already so decided to come back the next day. Was a little bummed I missed out by mere minutes of checking things out but it was understandable since the weather scared a lot of people away. There were lots of lightning which was scary since you obviously do not want to get struck by it.

I checked out the show right when the store opened and was surprised a lot of customs were still available. I was able to score one that I liked. Took pics of the rest or all that was not sold at the show. The show was cash and carry.

Enjoy the pics and I won't tell you which one I picked up. :P