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Photos by Tracy

Wondercon 2014

Wondercon 2014 was held at the Anaheim Convention Center during Easter Weekend. The weather was bit cloudy in the morning but cleared up to be a nice sunny day. As you walk towards the convention center you will see the Wondercon banners hanging on every post which one side showed Wondercon and the other was from NBC's upcoming TV show Rosemary's Baby.

This is the line to pick up your badges. This area of the line was towards the end but it probably went further back.

Outside the main entrance of the Anaheim Convention Center with all the banners from upcoming shows etc...

Hungry? Well there were quite a few food trucks on hand to serve all the hungry and thirsty comic con attendees.

The main area before heading into the exhibit floor and you are greeted with a Welcome To Wondercon! sign.

Here's some pictures of some (press/pros) waiting to get into the exhibit hall. The general attendees probably had another line to enter after picking up their passes or the area that you see would have been pretty packed.

Check out more pics from Wondercon in our slideshow below.

Having some technical difficulties embedding the slideshow from Picasa so had to use Photobucket for now. Not sure what the issue is but it could also be Mozilla which is the browser we are using at the moment. (If you're unable to veiw the slideshow, please let us know.)

Sorry about the delay in getting the Wondercon Recap up. Overall, the show was great! It's definitely different than SDCC where the focus at Wondercon is more on Comics and Indie Artists. There weren't very many exclusives this year that peaked our interest. We did pick up a couple from Super7 which we'll post about shortly. Freebies? There were some but not a lot. Most companies are waiting for SDCC. The big question is will Wondercon ever return back to San Francisco?

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