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Super7 Grand Opening

by Tara

Today was Super7's Official Grand Opening Party. Their new store is located on Haight St. in San Francisco, CA. They moved from their old spot which was located in JapanTown. This space is bigger and brighter than their old location. It gives it a more boutique feel to it but its still the same great store with the same great stuff. They have prints on their walls with display cabinets filled with Super7's Archive of toys as well as classic, old school Japanese and Star Wars figures.

They have a section of shelves dedicated to showing off their Super7 toys with a name plaque of the toy and their story. It's a very nice presentation of their product. Right in the middle of the store, you see all of their awesomely designed t-shirts. To the other side they have a another area where their sweatshirts/hoodies are hanging along with other t-shirts companies that they carry.

They also have a good amount of books and other small stuff. Usually at the cash register counter, there are stickers you can purchase. If you're lucky usually there are previews of the upcoming figures in their glass bell jar.

To celebrate, they had a bunch of releases. There were 4 new toy releases and the release of the Tokyo Underground 2 Book.

It was a chill event. Picked up what I needed of course and checked out the sneak preview of their upcoming Halloween Pint Glass set.

This location is a great spot to reach out to a newer audience. Parking is a pain in the neck on Haight so you just have to be patient or really lucky to snag a spot during the busy hours.

So if you're ever in San Francisco, make sure to stop by Super7 in the Upper Haight District. You can check out what they have in stock at