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Stance Of The Union

by Lenny

This show was held in Sacramento, CA. The weather was a bit rainy but not bad. For this show your car must be slammed to the ground. People from many states drove to showcase their car in this low key show. The show was free to attend. It was a just a great show to relax and look at all the fixed up rides.

There were a good amount of cars there as well as racecars and even a minivan. There was a section to play r/c cars where the cars are able to drift. There was even one guy there customizing his own car there by drawing/painting on his car. A few booths were there such as Weksos and of course the Stance of the Union booth. A couple of other booths had parts for your car etc... Of course there was someone manning the DJ Table.

Even though the weather kinda sucked, it was a cool show.

Overall you can't complain for a free event.