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About Us
Collecting Toyz  is focused on  Designer Vinyl, Plush, T-shirts, Japanese Sofubi Toys, Action Figures, Animation, Art, Pop Culture shows, Collectibles etc...

We are collectors just like you. We collect a lot of different things that catches are eyes.  We've collected many different types of toys in the past  and present such as TMNT, Designer Vinyl Toys, Japanese Vinyl Toys, Action Figures, Hotwheels, Disney, Pixar, Statues, T-Shirts and many more. We have many inspirations from cartoons, animation, art, artists etc...

We are also promoters and got our start back in the Import Car Scene when the scene was blowing up and there were shows left and right. We still promote occasional shows that are local to us. We have gone on to promote our good friend's show called World of Dance and his Dance Crew, Mos Wanted Crew. Although our main focus is collectible toys we do love our pop culture so we do occasionally talk about comics, art, animation, etc.... We heavily promote a few popular shows such as SDCC, Wondercon and Designer Con.

What you can expect from Collecting Toyz.... Toy News or sometimes just random stuff that we find interesting etc... We'll have the occasional movie trailer, video game updates and more... At the end of the day, we want to put out the best content we can and make sure it's something that we would read ourselves.  Basically, if you have something that you want us to cover, please send us an email. We're onTwitter & Instagram but we don't monitor the feeds all day long so we may miss a release announcement. We currently do not have Facebook and rarely go on there but we may sign up for one in the future.

We're slowly trying to get into making our own products to help promote our website of course. We already have buttons and a sticker made so far. T-shirts are next. Finally, we will be embarking on making our own toys. Our website mascot JoJo and his sidekick Spittelz. More on these 2 in their own page.

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Michael D.

Many thanks to our past / present contributors who have helped us with show coverage over the years.