4/30/11- It's Saturday and the weather is awesome!

  • 3A Toys SDCC 2011 Toys & Exclusives

4/29/11- Happy Friday!

  • More Previews of Mattel's SDCC 2011 Exclusives

Today, 4/28, If you have noticed on our website that we have added more pages in our toy section. We will be posting up a checklist of sorts for a lot of Super7's Toy lines. Stay Tuned!!!

4/28/11- New Posts Up!

  • Super Festival Shikaruna Angry Kappa Sama Pre-Order up at Lulubell
  • Le Merde's Custom Burgerbuns Trilogy Available Tonight
  • Invisible Creature's Sasquatch Toys!
  • Preview - Paul Kaiju's "King Jinx" Resin Figure
  • New Release: Super7 Pocket Mummy Gator & Pocket Boy
  • New Release: Gargamel Zagoran by Chanmen in Painted and Unpainted and also Pocket Deathra
  • Andrew Bell's Worrible Plush
  • Andrew Bell's O-No Sashimi
  • Mattel's SDCC 2011 Exclusives Revealed on G4's Attack of the Show!
  • Tri-Valley Comic Book & Collectibles Show
  • Neca's Gremlins SDCC 2011 Exclusive Gizmo

4/26/11- New Posts!

  • New Secret Base Pre-orders at Lulubell
  • Lulubell x Atom A. Armwrestler Blanks for Japan Relief
  • Project 1/5 Exclusive Super7 x Josh Herbolsheimer Rose Vampire
  • Lulubell x BlobPus Shooting Blanks Dokugon & Blobpi
  • D-Lux's Easter Customs


4/24/11- Recaps of both of last night's events are now up! Check out the full recap of Invisible Creature's Full Circle HERE and Max Toy Co.'s 5th Anniversary HERE.

  • Coming Soon: New Pocket Mummy Boy & Pocket Gator from Super7

4/23/11- Coverage of Invisible Creature's Full Circle Show @ Super7 and Max Toy Co.'s 5th Anniversary @ Double Punch will posted up late tonight. tomorrow!

Couple of new posts so far:

  • Paul Kaiju Pollen Kaiser Release
  • Medicom x Josh Herbolsheimer' Earth Wolf figure Pre-order

4/22/11- TGIF!!!! Have a great Weeekend! A bunch of posts up today!

  • Skinner x Shikaruna x Lulubell Ultrus Bog Matter
  • Itokin Park x Amanda Visell's Nightmare Bed Monster Version #2
  • Jeff Lamm's M5 Bravo & Stee-Gar To Be Released Soon
  • Gama Go's Easter Event
  • Clutter Magazine's 1st Annual Designer Toy Awards
  • Skinner x Shikaruna x Lulubell Ultrus Bog Pre-Orders

4/21/11- 1 Post filled with lots of stuff.

  • A Couple of Toy Releases/Shows & Kaiju For Japan
  • Joe Ledbetter's New Cactus Bunny Print from his Mutant Bunny Series 2011

4/19/11- New Post.

  •  Bwana Spoons To release the Randall Experiment


4/17/11- Couple of posts.

  • Sideshow Collectibles SDCC Exclusives Revealed
  • Paul Kaiju Pollen Kaiser Releases Soon

4/15/11- 1 Post for the day!

  • Chima Group Mini Ame Dasu Pre-orders up at Lulubell

4/14/11 - Couple of posts.

  • Lulubellx Sunguts Shooting Blanks for Japan
  • UPDATE: Paul Kaiju's Mayhem Picnic Resin Set

4/12/11- Lots of post today.

  • Celebration of Sloth N Moth
  • 2nd International Globby Day
  • Skinner x Shikaruna x Lulubell Teaser #2
  • Kaiju For Japan Update
  • Update: Secret Base x Usugrow "The World Power" Rebel Inks
  • MVH Frankenruge Ollie Release

4/11/11- It's Monday. Not much news to talk about.

  • Invisible Creature to release 1st full color of Leroy C. who is part of Super7's Monster Family

4/10/11- Couple of Sunday Posts:

  • Nerd One x Max Toy 5th Anniversary
  • Skinner x Shikaruna x Lulubell

4/8/11- It's Friday!!! A few lovely posts today. Check it out!

  • The Loyal Subjects x Joe Ledbetter 4' Tall Mr. Bunny
  • Coming Soon: Paul Kaiju's Salamander Joe
  • Secret Base x USUGROW Rebel Inks Charity Figures for Japan

4/7/11- A few new posts for the day!

  • Paul Kaiju's "Mayhem Picnic" Resin Set
  • Lulubell x Yamomark Shooting Blanks
  • Play Imaginative x Devilrobots Supporto-fu for Japan

4/6/11- A bunch of new Posts up on the good ole Blog.

  • New Le Merde Hollis Price Resin Figure
  • Max Toy Co. 5th Anniversary Exclusives
  • Max Toy Co. Preview of new Sculpts
  • Pre-Order Lulubell's Exclusive GID Jetture Horumana figure
  • Chima Group's Ame Dasu
  • New Le Merde Le Miniverse Purple Speck Release

4/5/11- How's it going? Hope you all got a chance to check out our recap and pictures of Wondercon and Japan Relief Gathering Car Show & Meet.

Today we got a bunch of new posts up on our blog. Check it out.

  • Update: Super7 x Brian Flynn's Bronze Skullwalker
  • Coming Soon: Bwana Spoons' Sloth n Moth
  • Toy2r x David Horvath Strange Beast Bossy Bear
  • Dreamworks Animation Presents Kung Fu Panda 2
  • New Super7 Snakes of Infinity Mongolion by Lamour Supreme
  • Super7 Silver Camo Mummy Boy Release
  • Invisible Creature's Full Circle Show @ Super7


4/3/11- Updates on the Website!!! Wondercon 2011 Recap with Pictures!!!! Check it out HERE!

Also, we stopped by the Japan Relief Gathering today and will have the full recap and photos up later tonight!!!

Recap and photos are HERE!!!!

4/1/11- Happy April Fools Day!!!!! Today was the first day of Wondercon. We were there and will post our show recap and pictures of what we saw in the next day or so. Have a great weekend!

Now on to some new posts for today.

  • Itokin Park Crazy Sparkle Lucha Bear Release
  • Super7 x Brian Flynn's Skullwalker 3" Bronze Teaser

3/31/11- WONDERCON is Tomorrow. Buy your 3-day Tickets now! No On-site 3-day tickets purchase will be sold.

  • Lulubell x Cure Shooting Blanks for Japan
  • Lulubell x Max Toy Co. Pre-orders
  • Lulubell x Secret Base Balzac Bagman Pre-order
  • Lulubell x RealxHead Mutant Chaos Pearl White Pre-order
  • Coming Soon Paul Kaiju's April Candy Boss Carrion
  • Super7 at Wondercon
  • Oni Press at Wondercon
  • Cartoon Network's Adventure Time at Wondercon
  • IDW to Debut Dorothy of Oz at Wondercon
  • Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Unpainted Yellow Ollie Release
  • Lulubell x Target Earth Shooting Blanks for Japan

3/30/11- 1 Tiny post for the Day.

  • Lulubell x PPPudding Shooting Blanks for Japan

3/29/11 - Wondercon NEWS!!

  • Gama-Go Wondercon Beer Fest
  • Kidrobot at Wondercon
  • Uglydoll at Wondercon

3/28/11- Happy Monday!!! The Sun is out Finally after days of rain which seemed to last forever. Head on over to our blog and check out our lastest posts. REMINDER: WONDERCON is in 4 Days!!!!

  • More Wondercon Exclusives from Marvel & Boom! Studios
  • UPDATE: Wondercon Exclusives from Mai Hiro x Nakanari x Kuso Vinyl
  • Hyperactive Monkey's Wondercon Exclusive
  • Treeson Fundraising Project to Help Japan Rebuild Their Homes
  • Dai Kaiju Monsters Tohoku Disaster Relief Custom Toy Sale For Japan


3/25/11- Happy Friday Everyone!

  • Lulubell x Nerd One Shooting Blanks For Japan Steregon Unpainted White
  • Wondercon is 1 week Away
  • Upcoming Releases from Super7

3/24/11- New Posts!

  • Bwana Spoons set to release Jelly Factory, New Guy & Bumps in the Night Killers this Friday
  • Graphitti Designs Green Lantern & Flashpoint T-shirts

3/23/11- More Posts! Wondercon 2011 is about 1 1/2 weeks away!!! WooHoo!

  • Lulubell x Yamomark's Yamobazooka Unpainted GID Shooting Blanks for Japan
  • More Wondercon Exclusives from Aspen Comics & Blamo Toys
  • Joe Ledbetter's Mutant Bunny Print Series 2011 - Bunnylicious
  • Update: Super7 Monster Family Figure and more.....
  • Japan Relief Gathering Car Show & Meet

3/22/11 - Moved a lot of older news 1/1 - 2/27/11 to the Archives

A bunch of New Posts today as well:

  • Gama-Go x Hello!Lucky LE Japand-Aid Print for Japan
  • eigoMANGA at Wondercon
  • Lulubell's 2nd Shooting Blanks Release - 7 Dreamrocket Blanks
  • New Super7 Monster Family Zagarad, Patty Power & Drunk Seijin Figures
  • Paul Kaiju's Chibi Alien Welts for Super7's Black/White Show & Connell's Birthday Bash
  • Paul Kaiju's Salamander Joe Vinyl Figure Preview

3/21/11 - New Post:

  • Kuso Vinyl x Nakanari Spikiemon Wondercon Release

3/20/11 - New Posts! YAY!!!

  • Monster Worship x Beak Kusogon Release & More
  • Toys acquired in the past few weeks!
  • Rotofugi Pre-Order Trouble Boy No.45

3/19/11 - New Posts for the day.

  • Kuso Vinyl Southern Mictlan Wondercon Exclusive
  • Wondercon Exclusives
  • Shirahama Agony Relief Kumon

3/18/11 - New Post

  • Lulubell 1st Shooting Blanks Figure BlobPus BlobPi
  • Hope For Japan Uamous

3/17/11- New Post

  • Lulubell Shoots Blanks

3/15/11- Some new posts today.

  • Rotofugi Auctions 3 Custom Muskamoots for Japan
  • 2 New Show at Rotofugi - Andrew Bell & Mcbess
  • Gama-Go St. Patrick's Day Sale
  • Paul Kaiju Chibi Alien Welt for Kaiju For Japan

3/14/11 - Hope you all had a great weekend! With what has happened in the past few days in Japan has been heart wrenching to watch and very scary. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with all the victims in Japan from the massive earthquake and tsunami.

We are happy to report that all of our contacts in Japan are all safe. There are many places you can make a donation to help Japan in this devastating time. You can donate via the Red Cross or similar organizations. You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

New post Today -

  • Gargamel's new figure proceeds to help victims of the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami - READ HERE.

3/11/11- More new posts.

  • Update on the new Super7 Figures
  • Surprise Super7 Milton & Fenton Release
  • Kaiju for Japan (Fundraiser)
  • Black/White Show @ Super7 + Birthday Bash For Connell

3/10/11 - New post.

  • Coming Soon! New S7 figures.

3/9/11 - A few more posts today!!!

  • Datarock x Super7 to Release Data Rock USB Vinyl Figure
  • More D-LuX Custom Rose Vampires
  • Max Toy Co Releases Mini Alien Argus Clear Pink + Bonus Pin

3/8/11 - New posts.

  • Green Lantern comes to Wondercon
  • Dustin Cantrell Ankylosaur Resin Figure
  • Kidrobot's New MunnyWorld Figures
  • Toy2r's Transparent 7" Qee Bear
  • Datarock To Perform at Super7
  • Datarock Unveils "The Most Extravagant Single In History"

3/7/11 - A couple of new posts. Sorry for the brief silence the past few days.

  • Rotofugi Toasted Marshalls
  • Toy2r x David Horvath Kaiju Bossy Bear


3/3/11 - New posts today!!!

  • Android Collectibles / New T-Shirt
  • Mattycollector.com Collector Appreciation Tour Update/Reminder
  • SDCC 2011 Exclusive 3A Toys IDW WWRp Bramble
  • Toy Review - Kidrobot x Family Guy S1 Mini Figure

3/2/11 - Couple of new posts today.

  • Weta Collectibles Auctions Unique items for New Zealand Red Cross (Christchurch Earthquake)
  • Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects La Brea Pico & Wilshire release

3/1/11 - Skipped posting any news yesterday. Today is a start of a new month and we have a bunch of new posts. Lots to do but never enough time. Still need to find time to upload a few years worth of show coverages that we recently found which we thought we had lost due to the server move. We also have a lot of toys from the past and current to photograph and post as well. Check below for the new posts posted on our blog.

  • New Cure Pre-orders at Lulubell
  • Pheyaos Man Limited Edition T-shirt
  • Bwana Spoons to release Rainbow customs
  • Munktiki x Bwana Mountaintop Jars
  • Datarock Contest!!!
  • New Toys at Rotofugi
  • Munky King OMI Series 1 Release Party
  • Comic-Con 2011 Annual Magazine



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