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Wondercon 2010

Article & Pictures by Tracy

Wondercon was held in beautiful San Francisco this past April. It was coincidentally or not also Easter Weekend where a lot of families had a 3 day weekend. This year Wondercon was more crowded as any year before. I think with the economy more and more families decided to check out Wondercon and what it was all about. Besides that, Wondercon was advertised on local popular radio stations and newspapers so that also helped with the enormous crowds. Friday used to be a low key day where you can wander around without the massive crowds. I was WRONG! It was crowded!

There were a lot more vendors and I think there were a lot of attraction to the Capcom booth as they were previewing their new Street Fighter game and you could demo it. There were many booths there with Anime products, Nickelodeon, Comic book publishers such as SLG and Dark Horse had a presence there. There were some new companies there like Kuso Vinyl, Lulubell Toys, Neon Monster, Dragatomi as well as some friendly faces that Ive seen at other shows such as Super7, Rocket World and Gama-Go.

Wondercon is about 1/4 of what San Diego Comic Con is but each year it is growing. Check out pictures of the event below!