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by Tara, Tracy, Lenny

    Wondercon 2011 is now over. The show was the most packed in years. The 3-day tickets and Saturday tickets was the first time the show sold out. Friday, saw a huge turnout of con goers and a pretty well packed exhibit hall.  We saw quite a few companies who were exhibiting for the first time at Wondercon even though we have seen them at SDCC. It was a great experience for all those attending. Lines were not overwhelming long like SDCC and it is still somewhat of a relaxed convention if you want to compare it to SDCC. You can see the whole exhibit hall in a few hours but you do get to take your time, enjoy the arwork and talk to artists without feeling in a rush to be someplace else.
Wondercon once again continues to grow each year. Friday, we saw how celebrities can make people go crazy with Ryan Reynolds at one of the booths before the Green Lantern panel. We saw a huge group of people trying to take a picture of him even from 10+ rows  deep of other people doing the same thing. Girls were screaming and going crazy. The people in the Mezzanine area had great view looking out the windows and seeing the craziness below on the exhibit floor.
Overall, Wondercon was a great show! It gets better every year. Only wish there were more toy companies there but maybe next year after they see what a great show Wondercon was this year. Thanks for another great year Wondercon! See you next year!!!
 Are you dying to see pictures of Wondercon 2011? Photos were split in groups so check out the booths, costumes, random & Toys!!!