Super7 brought the Revenge of the Boodega Pop-Up Store back to SDCC 2019 for a couple of days which meant brand new and exciting spooktacular Universal Monsters exclusives which you could only get at the Boodega which was located at their San Diego store which is a few blocks away from the convention center. The great thing about the pop-up shops is that you don't need a comic-con badge to attend.

​Of course there were going to be awesome t-shirts and of course we said hell yes to getting the Mummy Boy Boodega t-shirt. The Garbage Pail Kids x Universal Monsters collaboration was a definite must have! The wax packs sold out quickly but the good news is that Super7 will be making more so if you're patient enough you can save some $$$ before resorting to purchasing them in the aftermarket. Yes, we did get a couple of packs too!

Another great event to attend and always a great way to walk out into the city without being stuck in a crowd trying to get to one place to another. Always top notch merchandise and exclusives! We'll have a few posts up later on some of the exclusives that we picked up!


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Revenge of the Boodega Pop-Up Shop

Written by Tara

Photos by Tara & Tracy

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