Game of Thrones WINTER IS HERE Experience

Written by Tara

Friday was the day we waited in line for 8+ hours to see the Game of Thrones WINTER IS HERE Experience. Bottom line is this, if you are a die-hard fan and this is the one thing that you have to see, we highly recommend waiting in line to see this. The experience was great but if you are a casual fan like us, you basically miss out on everything else and consider your plans scrapped. 

What the employees of the GOT Experience could have done was walk around and let everyone know how long it's taking to get through the experience so you get an idea how long you'd have to wait. Around 9AM, one of the workers came around and gave everyone who was in line a wristband. What they should've done was put a certain time to come back on the wristband instead of making us wait in line all day. We were in line before 8AM and did not get into the experience until 5PM and didn't get out of the experience later than that.

Unfortunately, we had to skip a few experiences inside that was taking too long as we had to get to something before they closed at 6PM. 

First thing, we did when we finally made it inside was they had us register with our name and email and they gave us a magnetic bracelet that is used to get scanned when you do one of the experiences. The first experience was doing some acting at a table with "snow" and your reaction gets recorded.

Next is a wall that we took a picture in front of  (sorry can't recall what it was called), then the Throne!!!! The next one was doing a fight scene wearing the GOT Costumes and using the Sword Replicas etc... Finally, there was a video game featuring the White Walkers. The last 2 we had to skip unfortunately as we were running short on time and had to be somewhere. 

Cool experience but for the casual fan of GOT, you can't get back the hours of waiting in line when you couldv'e done more in the day and come back at a certain time if they had given out specific timed wristbands. 

A few pictures of what  was inside below:

Photos by Tracy

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