SDCC 2018 went by quickly this year. There was definitely improvements. One of the best things is that they shut down the streets in front of the convention center during convention hours. It made the sidewalks less congested which was wonderful! There are still lines to get into the exhibit hall and the convention center each day. The lottery drawings for autographs, exclusives etc... seemed to make things a bit better as well. The lines to get in were probably a tad bit longer but it also meant that people wouldn't be camping out for exclusives from companies such as Funko.

There were a lot of outside events/ experiences and there are lines for those as well. So pretty much you need to plan your days and pick your poison with what you want to do or what you want to get each day. If you're with a group and can divide and conquer that's great too. One of our favorite offsite events is going to the Conan O'Brien Show. A lot of the outside events/experiences does not require you to have a SDCC Badge but there are some that do.

Here's some of our pictures from SDCC 2018 below in our slideshow. We posted more on our instagram (handle is collectingtoyz) during SDCC so check them out.

SDCC 2018 Part 1

Written by Tara

Photos by Tara & Tracy

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