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SDCC 2012

by Tara, Tracy & Lenny

SDCC has come and gone just like that. The most anticipated show of the year is now over. SDCC is no joke. The crowds were enormous. It seemed more packed this year than previous years. Not sure if it was just bad timing when we would get stuck in huge crowds outside the convention center trying to get in or were more passes distributed this year?

One thing that never gets old is the fact once SDCC is over, it's literally time for another vacation to recover from SDCC. If you've never experienced SDCC, it's really a must to do at least once in a lifetime. If you are claustrophobic this is not a place you want to be. It is super crowded pretty much all day long. People do not have proper hygiene so you will smell body odors and be prepared to shuffle with the crowds up and down the aisles of the exhibit floor.

There are lines for everything!!! Lines to get in the exhibit hall, panels, exclusives, restroom, food, atm, Fedex, Baggage Hold, signings etc.....

Patience is what will get you through SDCC. Forget sleep because you will get a few hours a night if any at all. There is A LOT of things to do outside the convention center once it closes for the night. At neigboring areas like the Gaslamp District and Hotels like the Hilton, Marriot etc... there are events that go on during the evening hours and even late programming to watch anime etc...
This year, Warner Bros. teamed up with EXTRA and had a stage set up next to the Hilton where they displayed all the different Batmobiles and Vehicles used throughout all the Batmans Shows/Movies. They had entertainment throughout the day including live interviews with the cast of various shows and musical entertainment. At night they would show movies such as the Goonies etc...
At the Marriot hotel next door there was a Nintendo Gaming area where you can play games etc... This hotel was also the area where you would pick up your free swag where you redeemed your ticket from a panel as well as pick up your Mattel Exclusives if you pre-ordered before SDCC.

Stepping outside the convention center, head to the Gaslamp District and there is lots of things going on. Free Swag is handed out throughout the area. HGTV had a Frankenweenie exhibit out there. Free Coconut Water was handed out as were free huge bags from Science, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Ears hat, magazines, headbands, postcards, chips, Butterfinger Candy etc...

Now if you head over to the otherside where Petco Park is there is another section to check out as well. Django Unchained was there promoting their film with their old western setup. Various Food Trucks, Fox Animation had people holding Giant Balloons of their animated programs such as the Simpsons etc... TMNT had a truck where you had to decide if you are Team Turtles or Team Foot. Once you post on Twitter or Facebook and show them, you will receive a hat from the side that you picked. There was also a cool display from The Walking Dead Escape. There was a zombie in a caged in a fence and a person in a car that was attacked and killed by a zombie.

The Walking Dead Escape took place at Petco Park where you could be a Walker,  Survivor or Spectator. Also taking place at Petco Park on Thursday evening was VH1's Dawn of the Con hosted by Rob Zombie.

SDCC was literally packed with thousands of attendees each day. Since programming and exclusives were announced before the show started most if not everyone already had a game plan of what they were doing that particular day. Depending on what you collect there were tons of after con parties or events taking place such as Funko's Fun Days, Tr!ckster, Super Magic Fun Unit hosted by Lulubell & 5&A Dime as well as others.

There are lots of celebrities being shuttled in and out of the convention center or the neighboring Hilton Area. On preview night, we saw a huge hoopla over some of the cast members from Twilight exiting the convention center heading into their limos surrounded by lots of security people and maybe even papperazzi. Then you'll hear the twilight fans who have been camped out in line for a few days screaming like crazy. There were lots of celebrities signing at all the major booths such as Warner Bros., Fox, Summit Entertainment etc...

It's also important to know which booth you're going to or you can get lost if your stuck in a sea of people. Sunday was by far the worst day in terms of the crowds.  I have never seen Sundays so crowded. It's usually less crowded but I guess with the popularity of SDCC every day will be crowded no matter what.

The San Diego Convention Center really needs to expand to be able to hold over 100 thousand attendees + exhibitors, press & professionals. A lot of the main aisles are constantly packed which can spell disaster if there was an emergency to get everyone out. Other than that the it was another successful SDCC!

We look forward to next year's show! Save the dates: July 17(preview night) - July 21 2012. See you all next year!!!

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