This year we were able to attend quite a few press/media viewings for various activations which we kick off on Preview Night with the Amazon Prime Video  Experience. When we checked in, we went through metal detectors to check our bags etc... and picked up our media wristbands. We were then given a set of coins in a bag which is to be used the Expanse activation. We were also offered Churros upon entering which was very nice.

We were able to experience The Boys activation which was really good. We heard there was a secret room but our group didn't find it. We did take some video of the activation which we will have uploaded soon. There was also an activation for the Expanse and Carnival Row. The Expanse was having technical difficulties while we were waiting in line for over 15 minutes. We did get a nice temporary tattoo while waiting but due to us having to get to another press/media appointment we had to leave as we didn't know how long it was going to take. The line for Carnival Row was really long as well so had to pass on that but did end up getting a lovely set of cardboard wings.

What a better way to sit back and enjoy the calmness of SDCC before it fully starts was to get a free Carl's Jr meal from the Carl's Jr food truck. There were 2 choices, Western Bacon Cheeseburger or the Famous Star. You get the whole meal, fries, drink and a burger. They had tables for you to sit and eat and of course there was something going right in the middle of the Amazon Prime Video Experience. They had a little live show every so often from The Boys or Carnival Row. We didn't see anything from the Expanse during our time there. Really wish we had more time but next year hopefully!

Overall this was one of the best offsite experiences. There were long lines to get in everyday but totally worth it. Check out our pictures in our album below or at our Flickr Album HERE. Videos have been uploaded and are posted below.

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Amazon Prime Video Experience

Written by Tara

Photos & Videos by Tara & Tracy

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