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by Tara

Enjoy and See you next year!

There were FREE Matcha (Green Tea) Pocky for attendees which they handed to you once you entered the show.

Evo2 expanded and was bigger than ever. They had multiple stages with various DJs, LA to the Bay Graff Expo, RC Drift Track, Models, Everystep Battle, Raffles, Food Trucks and various vendors.

Below is a compilation of mini videos featuring the RC Drift Track, LA/Bay Graffiti Artists in action etc... and a few pics.

Evolution 2 was held on Saturday, June 13th 2015 at Pier 70 in San Francisco, CA. Above is a video with over 500 pictures. (Apologies to those trying to view the photos in our slideshow. For some reason it was not working properly.) You can also view individual pics in our album HERE. Attendees were in line hours before the show opened. If you had purchased your tickets in advanced online or through a retailer you were able to get into the show at 12PM (Noon) which is an hour early. If you waited to buy your tickets on the day of the show, you weren't able to get in until 1PM. Show hours were 1PM-6PM..

Evolution 2