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Super7 12th Anniversary

Super7's 12th Anniversary this year was held the same time as the Gargamel Custom Show. Every Anniversary that passes Super7 will have Lucky Bags for sale which could include prototypes, new releases, debut releases etc...

Ok, if you hit the link you've been warned that this is a spoiler post since some are still waiting for their Lucky Bags to arrive. We will be revealing most of the contents of 1 Lucky Bag that we got. Some of the teasers the S7 posted weeks leading up to their Anniversary Party hinted that there would be 4 new sculpts. We will be revealing that as well as what the D.O.A. figures are and so on....

Soooooooooooooooooo..... (It's not too late to close this page!)  Do you really want to know what's inside?

These Lucky Bags are sure tempting!!! These are still available at Super7 as well as various other retailers that carries Super7's products.

Ok, really this is the last chance before the reveal so it's not too late to turn away!

Depending on the weight of your bag, you either got 1 or 2 Fossilla figures. What has been seen so far is the painted Fossilla which you see above as well as an unpainted GID Fossilla and unpainted light blue Fossilla. So far no hand painted ones have shown up yet but there's still a lot of Lucky Bags out there.

Also inside the Lucky Bag is the collaborative figure from Secret Base x S7which is a new colorway  of  Zombiefighter. So fight figure fans, here's something new for you! Gauging from all the Lucky Bags opened so far, each one contained this figure.

Next up is D.O.A. figure that was teased from S7. Not only was there a new Rose Vampire but also a Ghostfighter was spotted in a Lucky Bag. Also seen in the D.O.A. was an unpainted Rose Vampire of this painted version. Could there be more retired sculpts?

From the bags that have been opened there seems to be different versions of the Translucent (clear) grey Mummy Boy. In the picture above you see the an orange glitter Baseball Boy head on the translucent grey body. Other variations are purple glitter Baseball Boy head on translucent grey body, purple glitter Baseball Boy head on a lavender (light purple) body. So there possibly could be a purple glitter Baseball Boy head on a lavender body, translucent grey Mummy Boy head on lavender body as well as an unpainted lavender Mummy Boy.

Other random unpainted figures seen were Mummy Seijin, Frederick The Beetle, Foster, Mummy Boy, Pocket Mummy Boy & Pocket Rose Vampire. Each bag is definitely unique. A hand painted Mummy Boy by Brian Flynn was pulled from a Lucky Bag. 

A really cool mash-up collaboration figure between Super7 & Cometdebris was spotted in a couple of Lucky Bags as well. This is Pumpkin Shonen and is a micro run of 13.

Lets get down to the new sculpts debuting in the Lucky Bags this year!

This is a brand new sculpt is part of the Monster Family and is called Caveman Dinosaur by Josh Herbolsheimer. This figure is awesome! We'll have another post on this guy later with some outdoor shots.

Fans of Mummy Boy & Rose Vampire are going to be super stoked to know that Super7 has shrunk these 2 down into micro figures. Can't wait to get more!!!!

Finally, the last of the 4 new sculpts is Monoghost!

The head is brand new sculpt with horns coming out. The picture above is just the prototype/sample as the ones for the Lucky Bags didn't make it in time. One Lucky Bag that was opened got an I.O.U. which showed 2 different versions of Monoghost.

Monoghost looks pretty cool! Would definitely like to see these once they arrive and shipped to people's homes.

This concludes the Super7 Lucky Bag spoilers. Brian Flynn mentioned on the SB Boards that there are still more surprises that have not been seen yet so hurry up delivery people and deliver people their Lucky Bags!