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Invisible Creature's Full Circle

by Tara

    Saturday, April 24,2011 at 6PM was the Invisible Creature's Full Circle Show at Super7 in San Francisco, CA. We arrived in San Francisco in no time. Traffic was better than usual. However, Parking was a bit more difficult. Had to cicle the area at least 4 times until we got a space to park. Got to Super7 and was still 10-15 minutes before the show started but had a chance to talk the Super7 staf and see what was new under the dome case.

    The Haight area seemed busier than usual which would explain the parking difficulties. Invisible Creature brought down a lot of prints, drawings etc.... Everything was well placed and looked amazing. They also debuted their Leroy C. figure in a nice red with silver spray. Leroy C. is part of Super7's Monster Family. There were so many prints that I wanted and making a decision of which to get was pretty hard. There were lots of customers who were buying up the prints before the show actually started. Invisible Creature sure picked a great day to have a show!

    The usual toy crowd showed up  as well as those from the design industry. With these 2 groups along with the shoppers walking down Haight turned the event into a great show! Congratulations to Invisible Creature for an awesome show & for the debut of Leroy C. which he looked mightily proud to be standing on display. Thanks to Super7 for hosting another awesome show.

    Check out the pictures from the show below. See you at the next show!!!