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1-Offs Show / Trade Fest

by Tara & Tracy

1-Offs  Show / Trade Fest was held @ Super7 in San Francisco, CA on Saturday 1/29/11. Arrived just in time for the show to start. The turnout was huge for this show. The store was already packed with people looking at the awesome group of customs / handpainted figures. There were so many to choose from and they were all great pieces. I wish I had won the lottery so I could've picked up more customs.

Despite the cloudy skies, this show brought out many of the local regulars which was always nice to see as well as a lot of new collectors, artists and even people just walking by. Parking wasn't too hard to find this time around. Was running a tad late due to weather/traffic. The price list was 4 pages deep.  Very overwhelming with all the great pieces to choose from.

We have pictures of the show which you will be able to view through a link to the album at the end of this recap. Everyone was taking pictures and looking at all the great customs before the show started, well, even a bit later than the show time but the curator, Leecifer was nice enough to let everyone check out the pieces and take pics of all the customs if they wanted to before everyone had the chance to purchase. This was a cash 'n carry show so you take the piece you want and pay at the register.
By the end of the night, there was still a great amount of customs left.  So, if weren't able to make the show last night, check out Super7's online store to see what's left.

As for Trade Fest, wow the local regulars were loaded with goods to trade. I didn't have much trade bait but saw a few things that I wanted and this time around some good deals were made. For the deals that weren't made, there's always next trade fest!

Last night was a huge success. Thanks to Leecifer for curating the 1-Offs Show and Brian Flynn/Super7 for hosting both the show and Trade Fest.

Check out the pics from the show below.