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Designer Con 2013

Designer Con was held this past weekend in Pasadena, CA. This was a 2-day event. It was definitely bigger than last year. There were tons of good stuff to buy and something for everyone. If you like custom figures, they were pretty much everywhere. There were sofubi, resin, blind boxes, mini art shows, t-shirts and much more. There were quite a few companies and artist that came all the way from Japan. If you weren't able to come this year, definitely make plans to come out next year and save all your money because there's so much good stuff dropping that you'll go home broke.

Designer Con Guide and Badge

Waiting in the Pre-Paid Ticket Line Saturday Morning to Pick up our Badges

On-Site Ticket Sales

We hope you like pictures because there will be lots of them in our slideshow below. We've also split up a few posts such as the 99 Deaths of Jar Jar, The Super Suck-Up 2 and MVH & Paul Kaiju etc.... We are also focusing on a couple of new prototypes that were shown at DCon as well in separate articles.

Here's a set of pictures are of Chris Lee / The Beast is Back's Prototype.

Last set of pictures is of Munky King's Prototypes.