APE 2012

by Liana W.

APE aka Alternative Press Expo was held this past weekend at The Concourse in San Francisco. APE showcases the small indie companies and artists. Crunched for time, we weren't able to spend too much time at APE this year but walking around the show there were so many talented artists and companies and APE has grown even bigger this year with workshops and panels held upstairs where in previous years were held in the same general area as the exhibitor hall.  

Some pics from the show below:

APE on Sunday - Just opened so not too busy yet.
Up the stairs was where they held workshops & panels.
Cool Odd Fauna Sculpts by Emma SanCartier
Skull Bunnies
Jeff Pigeon's Get Lucky Beavers & Kozik Anarchy Beaver
APE score!

Picked up a few things at APE which included a stop at Super7's Booth for their Giants Baseball Boy, Mongolion & Super Mummy Boy T-shirt. Also couldn't resist picking up Jeff Pidgeon's Get Lucky Beavers. Wish this weekend wasn't so packed and busy or we would've stayed longer and take our time checking out everyone's work. See you next year!!!

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