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This is the first year back in full force since the pandemic shut everything down. This year facemasks were mandatory and every attendee/ exhibitor etc... had to get a wristband that you either had your covid vaccinations or a negative covid test. The only thing was by the end of the con the wristband wasn't in too good of a shape lol.  Comic con had a couple of designated areas where we had to get in line in order to get the wristband and to be able to enter the convention center. Our first welcome back was on preview night and see the Hilton employees on strike next the park structure that we were parked at.

We still had some tripedations since we would be with so many people in a confined space. There were less attendees than previous years since they had to limit the number of badges this year. We took it easy this year and tried not stay inside the exhibit hall for too long. We ventured out to see all the off-site activations that we could. We still enjoyed walking the exhibit hall and looking at all the elaborate booths.

Comic con was back and we know that next year will be back to what it was before the pandemic.

Check out all of our pictures from our coverage of SDCC below.

SDCC 2022

SDCC 2022

Coverage by Tara and Tracy