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Super7 11th Anniversary

by Tara

Super7 Celebrated their 11th Anniversary this past Saturday Evening at 7PM. The festivities kicked off with 3 Skee-Ball lanes where you can get tickets for prizes such as Super7 Toys etc... There was free popcorn, beer & water.

In fact here's the prize list.
Btw, the pictures during the party are a bit dark due to low lighting inside as it got darker. Didn't bring the bulky yet better camera since we were going to be playing skee-ball and of course getting our lucky bag which also meant we don't have enough hands to carry all our stuff.

Oh yeah, there are Lucky Bag Spoilers further down the post so don't look if you want to be surprised. More pictures of the night's festivities after the jump.
We luckily found parking and was surprisingly a bit early so for the early birds who were there we get to practice playing skee-ball before the party started.
Super7 Staff - Frank, Brian & Josh Practicing their Skee-Ball Skills
Everyone getting their chance to win tickets for prizes.
Brian is putting up the Head to Head Skee-Ball Tournament List on the White Board
Was too busy watching the Tournament as well as participating to take any pictures but the overall winner was Super7's own employee, Luke who WON & his Prize was a Day Off.

Next up were some Mummy Boy Cookies & Cake Pops which everyone enjoyed! These were gone quickly. Most were eaten but some saved them to eat later.

By the way these were YUMMMY!!!! There were 2 flavors for the cake pops. If you chose the orange one, it was strawberry and the white ones which were underneath the orange were on the bottom and were chocolate. The Cookies were all butter cookies. There were 4 different colored Mummy Boy designs in Yellow, Orange, Blue and only 1 White which must be the Chase cookie.

Spotted  a couple of people enjoying the cake pops.
After all the excitement of the Cake Pops & Cookies, it was FINALLY Lucky Bag Time!!! The moment we have all been waiting for.
Brian is putting out the Lucky Bags.

 Sorry no pictures of the Lucky Bag opening since we were busy opening our own. Here's what we got!
Mummy Boy Pint Glass, Taoking, New Sculpt (Duk Duk), Rose Vampire DX, Pumpkinpire Mashup, Baseball Boy, S7xLego Collaboration, 2 unpainted figures, Reusable Tote Bag

Finally after all was said and done. Super7 announced a short notice earlier in the day on their forum that they was going to be a trade fest after the party. Unfortunately this time, not too many people brought trade bait.

Here's a couple of pictures of Trade Fest.

Ok so from here we will have a better look at some of the Lucky Bag Contents that we got.

1st Up is Taoking. The colors are dope on this! Really like the colors but I don't collect this sculpt since it doesn't quite fit in with the rest of my collection and I really need to focus and collect less which is tough to do. Check out the pictures.

Unpainted Yellow Rose Vampire DX.

Pumpkin Boy/ Rose Vampire  Mashup (Pumpkinvire?) - Love this mashup!!!

Pocket GID Baseball Boy

New Sculpt which is a collaboration figure between Brian Flynn (Super7) & Marmit. This figure is called Duk-Duk.

Here's a little info on the origin of Duk-Duk according to Wikipedia.

    Duk-Duk is a secret society, part of the traditional culture of the Tolai people of the Rabaul area of New Britain, the largest island in the Bismarck Archipelago of Papua New Guinea, in the South Pacific.

Here's a picture of Duk-Duk:

Oh and for those wondering about the S7 x Lego figures well from what info was gathered there is a Rose Vampire, Mummy boy & Dokuduo versions out in the Lucky Bags. There are 3 different versions of each.

 Finally, what many thought would be a 9th toy, we were surprised with a Mummy Boy Pint Glass.
Another Great S7 Anniversary Party! Fun times with the Skee-Ball Tournament. Every year the Lucky Bags DO NOT DISAPPOINT! Definitely will be looking for some other figures that weren't in the lucky bag we got.

From what I saw there were unpainted figures, hand painted custom figures, Pink GID Foster, New Zombie Fighter, Dokuduo and there very well could be more that hasn't been seen yet.

Happy 11th Anniversary! Happy Birthday S7! See you next year!