Monster Family

This is a comprehensive checklist of Super7's Monster Family Series. This will include all production pieces (general releases) including SSSS exclusives and releases. We did not include all the unpainted versions because there are so few of each and most were found in Lucky Bags. There seems to be an unpainted version for each painted release.

The Monster Family Consists of Hollis, Steven The Bat, Rose Vampire, Big Sal, Partyball, Garuru, Le Turd, Zagarad, Drunk Seijin, Power Mister, Fire Robo, Patty Power, Leroy C., Doku Duo, Honoo, Little Prick, Caveman Dinosaur and a couple of collaboration figures - Holliboy, Mummy Seijin, Hollis Turd & Zagaturd. We'll update when new family members have joined.

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