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Le Merde Whatsa Matter

Article by Tracy

Super7 hosted Le Merde's Whatsa Matter Show May 15, 2010. The show will be up until early June. Mike Kelly is the man behind Le Merde, the mastermind of cool, colorful characters such as Hollis, Burgerbuns, Le Turd etc...
The show had a great turnout. Custom Toys galore as well as paintings! Also available as a show release was a new Le Turd figure in Dentist Green. Le Turd is part of the Monster Family line of figures. They stand about 4" tall.
The custom toys were all amazing. There were so many it was just too hard to choose which one to get or to even think which one was my favorite. Le Merde, has a unique style and I love the way he customizes his figures. He also introduced us to a new resin figure called Matter Cruncher.
 I would have to say this was Le Merde fan's dream come true to be surrounded by so much awesome art. Well if you're still on the fence about purchasing one of Le Merde's awesome custom or painting, check out to see whats still for sale.  Pics from the show can be seen below.