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Frederick Fest!

by Liana W.

Bwana Spoons' Frederick Fest! was held at Super7 today at 11am in the morning. It's pretty rare to have an event at Super7 early in the day when most if not all are held in the evening. The weather was rainy and cold as Northern California got hit with a big storm early Saturday morning which will continue overnight and possible the whole weekend.

Bwana Spoons was at the event in person as Super7 debuts his Frederick The Beetle, who is the newest member to the Monster Family. Bwana also brought along a bunch of customs including Frederick The Beetle, Boris The Bee, Pocket Mummy Gator, Fenton, Milton, Pocket Helper etc.... He also brought along some prints, paintings and his Bearturds skateboard decks. Bwana also had games planned and even created his own game board.

Check the slideshow below for more pictures of the event!

It was a great show! Keep checking Super7 to see when they will put up what's left from the show!