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Designer Con 2011

by Tara

Designer Con has come and gone. This was the best one yet. Every year the show gets bigger and better. One tiny problem was the way they handled the "At the Door ticket buyers" and the way they had formed one line to get in beforehand. Most people in line had already purchased tickets online. The confusion was when they let the people who needed tickets go buy them and let them get in the line to buy the Goodie Bags while everyone else who was there hours in advance had to wait outside.

For next year, they should just have someone walk the line and ask if they are buying a Goodie Bag and give them a ticket so it guarantees that you will get a bag. So then, it wouldn't matter if you had purchased your ticket at the show or online.

Other than that the show was great. They had their World's Biggest blind box Time, Suckathon etc... lots of different shows within the show. There were lots of custom figures, live painting, toys, clothes, art etc... and of course EXCLUSIVES!

Check out all the pictures from the show below in our slideshow!