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Bat Butts & Goat Guts

by Tracy & Lenny

Dragatomi Presents Bat Butts & Goat Guts (Phantasmagorical Psychosis) by Paul Kaiju & Leecifer. Opening reception took place on Saturday, October 13th 2012 at 7PM. If you wanted to purchase a custom by Paul Kaiju or Leecifer you had to get a line ticket which Dragatomi handed out starting at Noon. A few people camped out overnight and a few people came out from So. Cal. There was less than 20 people who lined up to purchase anything from the show. It was a really mellow crowd and everyone left with what they wanted and more.

Dragatomi did a wonderful job of hosting this event. Everything was well organized. The Dragatomi staff were very friendly and helpful. Anything that was not purchased will be up in their online shop on Monday, October, 15th. If you're in the Sacramento area, stop by Dragatomi and check out the show as it continues until November 9th.

Check out the show pictures below: