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2/27/11 - Recap of Leecifer & Paul Kaiju Custom Show Here.Also new blog posts up today as well:Recap of Leecifer & Paul Kaiju Custom ShowMark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group ShowMonster Kolor 1st Anniversary (Birthday)A Closer Look: Paul Kaiju's Boss Carrion Pinky SnoutGargamel x Martin Ontiveros Ojo Rojo

2/26/11 - 1 New Post.3A Toys Mongrols

2/25/11 - More New Posts.Stance DIY Sneaker Designer Art ToyParamount Pictures' latest Animated Movie RangoMore Sneak Peaks for Paul Kaiju & Leecifer Custom ShowPreview of Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Show and how to purchase a custom.Toypunk's Mascot Figure by Mike Giant to be released tomorrow at Reckless Toys.

2/24/11 - A couple of new posts.New Custom Figures by D-LUXNew Custom Figures by Nebulon5Preview of Android S2 & Android RugReal x Nibbler Toy release by The TarantulasVideo Premiere of Datarocks' Catcher In the Rye

2/23/11 - Took a couple of days off and found a bunch of past shows that we covered back in 2004- 2008. Will be uploading pics and some articles that were recovered as well. It's been an exciting past couple of days find out that not everything was lost.Anyway, new blog posts: Reminder for Leecifer & Paul Kaiju Show @ Super7 This SatReminder for Mark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group Show @ TAG This Sat as wellWOD Sticker Design Contest deadline extendedAgain, thanks for your support and if there's something in particular that you want us to cover. Send us an email. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2/20/11- How's your weekend going so far? Check out our latest post with our weekly segment of A Closer Look. Click here to find out which toy got it's close up!!!2/19/11- Hope you're all having a Great Saturday! New posts!!!Artists & Customizers Do you need some Paint?Four Horseman Dark & Light Talisman Scarabus Figures LE Release Tonight!!!

2/18/11- A handful of new posts today on our blog. First we Bwana Spoons Rec Room @ SwitcherooMark Nagata's Lady Maxx Clear Pink Soft Vinyl Keychain ReleaseMark Nagata's Alien Argus Custom Group ShowLeecifer & Paul Kaiju Custom ShowFrank Kozik's Stoner Fort Show

2/17/11 - Only one new post today on the blog. Just a round up of all the Toy releases for tomorrow. Check the blog.Other news in the Animation world: A second Toy Story Short will be shown before the new Muppets Movie in November. The first Toy Story Short will be shown before Cars 2 which will be out in June. Disney will also be doing a Spin Off of Cars called Planes which will be a direct to DVD/Blu Ray Movie. Pixar will not be producing Planes but their sister company DisneyToon Studios that creates the Cars Toon will be producing the movie.

2/16/11 - More stuff added to the blog. I'm sure you are all tired of us telling you to check the blog or that more has been posted there. Check below for a roundup of the lastest posts. Seriously, just check our blog. Jeff Lamm's New Greasebat figure release @ Monster WorshipKidrobot's New 8" Dunny & Family Guy Mini Figure releases.Gama-Go has a $20 t-shirt sale going on right now for both Men & Women.Bwana Spoons is set to release his Rootbear Boris the Bee with print.Max Toy Co. released a clear pink Lady Maxx vinyl toy today. We are working on a major project for our website here! It's time consuming but we want it to be perfect before we can post it up. Stay Tuned!!!

2/15/11 - Added an article on Refreshment's Cuppy figures. Check it out.

2/14/11 - Happy Valentine's Day! More updates added to our blog. :D Below is quick write up of the contents on the blog.

BLObPUS is at it again. For their 6th Anniversary, they are having another special release. They just announced that they will have a MADE TO ORDER - T9G Middle Size Rangeas set of 2 figures for 12,800 Yen plux EMS Shipping. Orders needs to be made by Feb 22nd Japan time and Payment is due by Feb 25th Japan Time. Here's a pic of the Rangeas.
-If you are a fan or collector of Le Merde, he is releasing a good handful of new resin figures. 2 sets of Mini Resins and a regular sized Burgerbuns resin figure. The release is set for this Friday, February 18th @ 11am PST at Le Merde's Store.

2/13/11 - WONDERCON ATTENDEES!!!! If you are a collector of MATTEL Products, Matty just announced that Mattel will be doing a Collector Appreciation Tour to 4 cities this year. Their second stop will be WONDERCON in SF, CA. More info can be found at Matty Collector here and here. Here are the dates for the Collector Appreciation Tour:C2E2 in Chicago (3/18-3/20)WonderCon in San Francisco (4/1-4/3) Dragon*Con in Atlanta (9/2-9/5)New York Comic Con in NY (10/13-10/16)

2/12/11- More updates on our blog. We have a new segment called A Closer Look and hope you all check out Rotofugi's new show tonight called Beauty & The Kaiju curated by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co.2/11/11- Well we finally took the plunge and made an account on Twitter. Follow us @Collectingtoyz on Twitter. Thanks for your support.

2/10/11- Just arrived!!! Hour Of The Wolf's Album & Mummy Boy Package deal. More info here. 2/9/11- Lots of new updates on our blog. Here are some pics of the latest news:

2/8/11- If you couldn't access our website, we are making some changes/upgrades to the site. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everything should be in working order within the next day or so.

2/7/11 - Real x Head USA has ON DEMAND Pre-order on 4 of their Chaosman figures. Check the blog for more info.2/5/11 - Check the blog for SDCC Ticket Purchasing Nightmare!

2/4/11 -Super7 is bringing the heat this Month. They are 2 new additions to the Monster Family. First we have Invisible Creature's Leroy C. and Second, we have Leecifer's The Flame figure. You can get the Black Prototype Leroy C. figure at Invisible Creature's website this coming Monday @ 10AM PST. They will only have 30 available and they are priced at $30.  You can get Leecifer's The Flame figure, February 26th at the opening of his show with Paul Kaiju @ Super7 store in SF, CA. Also being released at the show is a new version of Paul Kaiju's Partyball figure. The show starts at 6pm. Need that special something for Valentine's Day? Why not get that special someone a Sweet Fenton or a Cute Rose Vampire? Pick these lovely figures up at Super7 online and in store, Friday, February 11th @ 11AM PST. Releasing this Saturday (2/5) :MVH x BEAK Sludge Demon Release - more info can be found at MVH. We also have the same info posted on our blog. Yamomark x Lulubell exclusive King Kameppa to be released tomorrow via pre-order @ 12noon PST at their website. Also don't forgot you have 48 hours to enter the raffle at Paul Kaiju's website for the Blobpus Boss Carrion figure. Enter here!

Please check our blog for a bunch of new posts. We have an update on Paul Kaiju's Boss Carrion Figure which was a release by Blobpus in Japan. There's also an update regarding the Arizona's Hardcore Punk Rock band Hour of the Wolf and Super7's Collaboration of HOTW's Vinyl Record release with matching Super7 Mascot Mummy Boy.

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the Year of the Rabbit! Gung Hay Fat Choi! Wishing you Health, Peace and a Prosperous New Year! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Check out our blog @ get more info on this t-shirt.
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Couple of awesome new animated movie releases coming out this year. Excited about Kung Fu Panda 2 and Cars 2.
Check our blog for the Refreshment Lucky Bag and find out what's inside.
1-Offs Show/ Trade Fest Recap is up along with pictures. You can view the show recap HERE.

Happy New Year!Hello 2011! Well, we are always in a constant change here. Check us out at our new blog and don't forget to bookmark us there as we have easier access to our blog. Unfortunately, our website host does not have what we need to implement our new blog. Our blog will be updated way more frequently than our website here. Our website here will be updated for mostly big events since we can upload a lot of pictures here. There will be a lot more show reviews/recaps this year. We are always here promoting our favorite toys, companies etc.... So if you have something you would like us to review or just get out thoughts, email us. We are all collectors, whether it be Vinyl toys, action figures, streetwear, Real cars etc.... Remember to check back here and at our blog for updates. Have a great 2011 and Keep on Collecting!



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